About Us

CreoPop (www.creopop.com) is the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink. In contrast to other 3D pens, there are no hot parts, no melting plastic and no unpleasant smell. Instead, CreoPop uses photopolymers that are solidified using LED diodes to let users create amazing 3D designs. Since no heating is required, CreoPop is safe in a home environment with children and pets around. The most innovative feature of CreoPop is the large selection of cool inks available including different colors, elastic ink, magnetic ink, glow-in-the-dark ink, temperature sensitive ink and body paint ink. 

CreoPop is a venture-backed company based in Singapore.

  • Dmitry Starodubtsev
    Dmitry is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of building successful businesses in 3D photo mapping and vending machines. He has a Master's degree in engineering and holds a number of patents.